Discover Private-Public Partnership Success with Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial services expert serving as the Executive Vice President and CFO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation, CEDC. The organization manages economic development through investor-friendly regulatory frameworks and business capitalization. He is also involved in attracting businesses to invest in the Newark, which will accelerate the sustainable economic development of the area.

Kevin Seawright has had an award-winning career. He started as a state official for the city of Baltimore where he was in charge of financial management. He is passionate about realigning business capital, available technology, and operational management to achieve business growth.

His extensive experience in government enabled him to gain an in-depth understanding of state regulatory policies. In addition, he is prefers harmonizing business goals with the needs of the local community, resulting in sustainable win-win partnerships. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers

The CEDC promotes the economic inclusion of local communities by encouraging private-public partnerships. As a management expert, he thrives in turning around businesses to realize efficiency and success. Kevin has restructured the CEDC to achieve better productivity and harmony between the payables and receivables departments. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Additionally, he has reorganized the soft capital. He understands the benefits of attracting and retaining top talent and streamlined compensation policies. These efforts have positively impacted the service delivery of the organization and increased transactional turnover. He is at the forefront of fostering strong relationships between the neighborhood, the city, and local businesses.

Kevin has previously worked for Baltimore Community College and Baltimore City. Because of his executive leadership, the college enjoyed better efficiency and extensive collaboration on development projects with the local and business communities. He is recognized for streamlining the city’s operational budget and personnel efficiency.

During his decorated career, Kevin Seawright has received numerous industry awards as a recognition of excellence in financial and policy management. He is also heavily involved in changing the quality of life for the residents of Newark.

RPS Solutions is a financial services and asset management firm he founded. Recently, RPS Solutions hit the news for offering creative programs aimed at accelerating home ownership by providing innovative products to low-income first-time homebuyers in the area.