Sawyer Howitt Successful Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Sawyer Howitt is one of the entrepreneurs who has achieved a lot at such a young age. He is well acquainted with what it takes to be a young entrepreneur.

Mr. Sawyer became the project manager of a company named Meriwether Group established in Portland, Oregon while in high school. His achievement in successfully managing this business can be attributed to his vast knowledge in this field and acquired knowledge.

One of the main factors that has led to Sawyer Howitt achieving entrepreneurial success at a young age is the innovative mindset that he possesses. This mindset is portrayed by his involvement in community activities which enable him to comprehend the different cultural trends within the business domain. Some of the tips that Mr. Sawyer agrees are necessary for any entrepreneur include business savvy, skills, and motivation.

Passion is the primary factor in ensuring that entrepreneurs achieve their set ambitions. Sawyer Howitt recommends that through following one’s passion, achieving the set vision becomes an easier venture. As such, it is necessary to act as soon as one discovers where their interest lies. Waiting for the right time to come may result with the possibility of missing some opportunities available at the moment.

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While hiring employees, Mr. Sawyer recommends that adhering to the business culture should be made the priority. Based on the culture of business, employers can gauge whether the person suits the allocated job. As such, experience and knowledge alone do not distinguish a person from being the right candidate for the job. Mr. Sawyer agrees that good performance can only be achieved through keeping employees happy and building morale within the workforce.

Success in a business can be realized through managing all operations based on data. Some of the information relevant for frequent analysis include expenses and income. However, Mr. Sawyer agrees that all other numbers should be analyzed to spot areas that may possess setbacks. He further advises entrepreneurs to maintain networking as a way of establishing footing and avoiding ageism boundaries in the modern market. The entrepreneurial endeavors success of Mr. Sawyer are built on following his passion and seizing opportunities immediately he identifies them.

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Insights to Learn from Marc Sparks’ Entrepreneurial Career

Marc Sparks joined the business and entrepreneurial industry more than 30 years ago. Since 1975, he has founded dozens of startup businesses, some achieving great success, a few falling, but never gives up. Currently, Marc is an executive at Timber Creek Capital, an equity firm that specializes in changing the dreams of hardworking entrepreneurs into income-earning products and services. The company is located in Dallas, TX, and provides a broad range of services such as banking, marketing, intellectual capital, networking, accounting, legal, technology and more. Under the leadership of Marc Sparks, Timber Creek Capital’s entrepreneurial experience has navigated startups to become very successful ventures. Marc Sparks is referred by many as a serial entrepreneur. Learn more:


Marc’s Entrepreneurial Abilities


His passion is to build businesses from ideas that are largely believed to be unattainable. From an initial business idea, Marc proceeds to design a business model, culture as well as structuring both immediate and long-term growth projections. He is recognized by his team for leading by example and others follow. Marc believes that success is achieved through hard work, and that challenges and obstacles are part of people understand their responsibilities. In fact, he states that it is hard to forget where and when you got a scar in life. According to Marc Sparks, he never proceeded with education after high school, but that did not prevent him from realizing his dreams. Learn more:


Marc Sparks: The Author


After several years of operating successful businesses, Mark decided to put it in black and white, and let others know his successes and failures. He wrote a book called “They Can’t Eat You” to give an insight about his entrepreneurial journey through out his career life. Marc believes that those reading this book will learn a lot from the failures he encountered than successes. It is easy for entrepreneurs to learn from the failures of others than their successes as explained by Mr. Sparks. The book is targeting entrepreneurs who have lost the path to realizing their dreams.


Marc’s Other Engagements


When Marc Sparks is not running his businesses, he is busy helping others through The Samaritan Inn. It is the only not-for-profit organization in Collin County that provides shelter for homeless. It was established in 1984, and has been providing humanitarian support to home communities, and helping them to regain their independence through broad initiatives. Marc Sparks also funds Habitat for Humanity, an initiative that is committed to ensuring that every personal, regardless of age or gender has a decent, affordable and secure place of residence. The group constructs houses for the needy regardless of their religion or race. These houses constructed are affordable, simple and decent for all low-income and poor families all over the world. Learn more: