Dating is Made Fun Again With Whitney Wolfe

Dating is meant to be a fun activity where people get to know each other. However, there have been a lot of different mentalities put in place that make dating anything but fun. A lot of people find themselves frustrated with dating.

As a result of their frustration, they turn to online dating only to find more of the same issue. As a matter of fact, online dating and dating apps seem to exaggerate the problem that is found in the dating world. Therefore a lot of people tend to give up on the idea of dating to begin with.

Fortunately, app developers like Whitney Wolfe understand the issues that people are faced with on the dating apps. As a matter of fact, she notices that online and app dating seems to actually play men and women against each other. Therefore, she has worked on finding a solution that is going to make people happy with the results that they are after. She has come up with Bumble. This app actually takes a lot of the issues that people have found with online dating and made a very significant to reduce the issue so that it can be a more enjoyable experience for men and women.

Whitney Wolfe herself has seen and experienced the drawbacks of online dating. Therefore, she has decided that she wanted to create the type of app she wanted. Whitney Wolfe’s app has turned out to be a very helpful app for people. With other dating apps, men had to complain that they were not getting response. However, women had the opposite problem. They had been getting way too many messages from people. A lot of them have been spam that had no genuine meaning behind it. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has made it so that women can have more of a chance to initiate with the men actually getting messages.