Jim Larkin

He has been called by many names. A hero of the people is one of them. Well, James Larkin’s birth and birthplace would tell nothing of this change of events. He was named after his father, a great man. His mother just like the latter was an emigrant of Ireland.

James Larkin had a kind heart since his youth. He was compassionate and had a soft spot for people who were suffering like his family.

Despite the love that they had for each other, the fact that they lived in slums, which were in Liverpool, alone was enough to sadden them every day and night. The direct reason is because life in slums never gets easier.

James Larkin then started taking up the name “folk hero” when he decided to be working and also studying while just seven years of age. This move helped his family a great deal. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Biography

He was able to support them materially and financially. He did this for the next seven years and hit the first hiccup of his life when his mentor and father passed on.

James Larkin senior died to an illness that took him away so fast. His son tried to fit into his shoes by working at the firm he used to be in, as his replacement.

He tried for two years and failed because of the wages and treatment that were both given according to expertise. This was not fair, but Liverpool did not know fairness in labor until Jame Larkin took his first bold move into trade unionism.

This began with NUDL which he became a part of in the year 1905. The union served his campaigns well until he decided that it was not enough. His idea to have the people of Ireland who worked hard labor, without focus on any level of experience, under one umbrella organization had not been met.

Therefore, he formed NUDL which Jame Connoly helped in running and also managing. James Connoly was James Larkin’s most trusted friend and ally for many years.

However, he passed on in 1816 during the Easter Rising which took place in Ireland. James Larkin also followed suit in 1947 having achieved most of his life’s dreams.