Gregory Aziz, Improving The Standards of Rail Road Freight Car Manufacturing In Ontario

The world has seen many entrepreneurs with a tendency to put quantity before quality, and while these businessmen have successfully managed to make quick profits, they often do so by cutting corners when they should not. However, the business sector has also witnessed a few visionary businessmen who have chosen to take the long route to success by providing high products, by following all the regulatory guidelines. One such entrepreneur that considers quality to be of utmost importance is Gregory James Aziz, the CEO and President of National Steel Car.



The company, National Steel Car was acquired from Dofasco 24 years ago, by Gregory J Aziz, with the intention of upholding the company’s value while implementing a new work ethic of providing the best quality railroad freight cars to North America. Just over a 100-year-old, this company has continued to maintain its track record of embedding evolving values into its operations. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, this firm has been creating more than 12,000 freight cars on a yearly basis. With a strength of 3,000 staff members that believe in the values of the company, National Steel Car is a business that is booming due to the efforts of employees and its leader. Refer to This Article for more information.



With extra emphasis put on quality throughout the manufacturing process, Greg James Aziz has ensured that the firm has become the sole company in the nation that has an ISO 9001:2008 title. This certification has been acquired by following all the set norms and regulatory practices while ensuring that all the expectations are exceeded with every re-certification. That’s not all, Greg Aziz has also taken it upon himself to win a series of accolades for the firm, and one of these awards is the TTX SECO title that the company has proudly held on to since 1996. Acquiring and holding on this recognition was possible by following the highest standards while giving clients more than they expected in regard to efficiency and quality.



James Aziz is of the belief that Hamilton, Ontario is the hometown of National Steel Car and since this city was where it all started, he as well as his company should give back to the town in every way that they can. To make sure that this thought becomes a reality, he has offered jobs to the residents of this city to help them achieve financial freedom as well as independence. Greg Aziz is a visionary leader who also believes in the concept of helping others through food drives, funding to charities amongst other noble causes.

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