Securus Technologies Mentors Inmates

Securus Technologies has been a wonderful thing for our correctional facilities here in the United States of America. They have made it their life’s work for the past three decades to help decrease inmate crime within the prison system and help inmates to prepare for the transition to life after prison.


Securus Technologies decreases inmate on inmate crime through two innovative products they have released over the past few years. The main target of these products is the contraband cell phone that prisoners use to plan attacks against one another. Securus Technologies understands that if they target the contraband cell phone they crime will necessarily go down.


Cell Defender is the first product that Securus Technologies released that deals directly with contraband cell phones. The product’s purpose is to scan throughout the prison and locate contraband cell phones. Once Cell Defender has successfully located a contraband cell phone, an officer is then able to remotely scan the phone for messages, calls, and voicemails. If needed, they can even remotely deactivate the phone.


Securus Technologies also released a product that is designed to deactivate a cell phones Wi-Fi capacity. They call this product Wireless Containment Solutions.


As stated earlier, Securus Technologies takes a two-pronged approach to dealing with inmate crime. On the one hand, they look to decrease the crime to products. On the other hand, they look to decrease crime by changing the heart of inmates.


Securus Technologies has created a cell phone that can do three special things for inmates. These cell phones allow an inmate to use his visitation hours to video call their loved ones and children who otherwise could not get to see them. Also, these cell phones connect inmates with online degrees that they can use to land jobs when they are released.


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