End Citizens United and the Fight for Campaign Finance Reformation

We are seeing a profound change take place across the United States of America. The 2016 Presidential Election was a lightning rod of divisiveness that was led by the caustic work of Republican nominee, reality star Donald Trump. Since President Trump took office, in what will likely be one of the most historic elections of all time, the White House has done its part to completely try and ruin America. There are clusters of groups out there that are fighting back and among them is the group led by Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United.


End Citizens United is committed to bringing campaign finance reform to the highest levels of Washington D.C. Their goal is to eventually overturn the tragic Supreme Court ruling involving the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United fought to loosen restrictions on campaign contributions to federal campaigns. This decision has left a scar across the United States government as special interests have just poured into D.C. in order to buy up whatever politicians they want, thus completely circumventing the will of the people.


The election of Donald Trump to office has also served as a catalyst for energy into groups like End Citizens United. More people than ever are ready and willing to fight back against what Donald Trump is doing with his destructive agenda. End Citizens United raised nearly $4 million in contributions through the first quarter of Trump’s presidency and that puts them on track to make their $35 million funding goal in time for the 2018 Congressional Elections.


End Citizens United, as the PACs President Tiffany Muller describes, is all about giving progressives an outlet to fight back against President Trump in order to make their voices heard. Muller knows that in order for End Citizens United to be successful they need to maintain this momentum moving forward and eventually turn this momentum into elected officials in office. In order to bring about a constitutional amendment there has to be people at the highest level of government who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform. That is why End Citizens United has supported people like Senator Heinrich from New Mexico or Jon Ossoff, an up and coming Democratic politician.


Still, End Citizens United doesn’t have tunnel vision on any individual problem. Though Muller would love to make their name a reality, thus ending Citizens United, she is ready and willing to leap into any fray that is for the good of America. That is why End Citizens United has been working alongside other progressive groups, like Every Voice and Common Cause, in order to gather a petition for the Department of Justice. This petition, which has gotten over 300,000 signatures, advocated for an investigation into any and all Russian interference in the 2016 election — up to and including the role of President Trump himself.

Sawyer Howitt Successful Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Sawyer Howitt is one of the entrepreneurs who has achieved a lot at such a young age. He is well acquainted with what it takes to be a young entrepreneur.

Mr. Sawyer became the project manager of a company named Meriwether Group established in Portland, Oregon while in high school. His achievement in successfully managing this business can be attributed to his vast knowledge in this field and acquired knowledge.

One of the main factors that has led to Sawyer Howitt achieving entrepreneurial success at a young age is the innovative mindset that he possesses. This mindset is portrayed by his involvement in community activities which enable him to comprehend the different cultural trends within the business domain. Some of the tips that Mr. Sawyer agrees are necessary for any entrepreneur include business savvy, skills, and motivation.

Passion is the primary factor in ensuring that entrepreneurs achieve their set ambitions. Sawyer Howitt recommends that through following one’s passion, achieving the set vision becomes an easier venture. As such, it is necessary to act as soon as one discovers where their interest lies. Waiting for the right time to come may result with the possibility of missing some opportunities available at the moment.

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While hiring employees, Mr. Sawyer recommends that adhering to the business culture should be made the priority. Based on the culture of business, employers can gauge whether the person suits the allocated job. As such, experience and knowledge alone do not distinguish a person from being the right candidate for the job. Mr. Sawyer agrees that good performance can only be achieved through keeping employees happy and building morale within the workforce.

Success in a business can be realized through managing all operations based on data. Some of the information relevant for frequent analysis include expenses and income. However, Mr. Sawyer agrees that all other numbers should be analyzed to spot areas that may possess setbacks. He further advises entrepreneurs to maintain networking as a way of establishing footing and avoiding ageism boundaries in the modern market. The entrepreneurial endeavors success of Mr. Sawyer are built on following his passion and seizing opportunities immediately he identifies them.

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